Harlan teklad官网动物饲料 Swine diets猪日粮 国内动物饲料定制

Harlan teklad官网动物饲料 Swine diets猪日粮 国内动物饲料定制






特克勒德猪日粮 不可蒸压式
美酒饮食 7037、7037 C
特克勒德素食猪/母猪种植者饮食 7200
美酒饮食 8753、8753 C





  • 凉爽和干燥;在华氏70度或以下,湿度最好在50%以下,但高达65%是可以接受的。
  • 清洁无害虫
  • 在原始包装中或容器中,防止连续暴露于光线下,并将空气暴露在最小范围内。



Teklad swine diets are natural-ingredient diets specifically formulated to provide the proper balance of all known nutrients considered essential for the growth, maintenance, and reproduction of swine.

Teklad swine diets provide uniform nutrition through fixed-formula diets designed to minimize the nutrient variances that otherwise could occur if the ingredient composition of the diets were altered from one batch to the next.

Protein supplied by fish and plant sources combined with supplemental amino acids provides the proper amount and balance of essential amino acids required by research swine.

Teklad swine diets are fortified appropriately with vitamins and minerals to help support the regulation of body fluids and the proper functioning of the body system to ensure adequate growth, maintenance, and reproduction of research swine.

Teklad swine diets are formulated and manufactured without artificial preservatives, anti-caking agents, or other additives that otherwise may influence the results of certain types of research studies.

Teklad swine diets Non-autoclavable form
Teklad miniswine diet 7037, 7037C
Teklad vegetarian pig/sow grower diet 7200
Teklad miniswine diet 8753, 8753C
Not all products are stocked locally; extended lead time and additional fees may apply.
Many diets are available in certified format designated by a “C” following the product code. When diets are certified a representative sample is tested for a panel of contaminants. If not stocked as certified, certification can be made available upon request. Minimum order size and additional charges may apply.


There is no definitive point where one is able to predict when a specific diet will spoil or become deficient in one or more nutrients. The common guideline of a six month shelf life is based on longstanding practice in North America. In Europe and Asia, differences in local practices and regulatory oversight have led to Teklad standard natural ingredient diets being routinely used out to nine months and sometimes 12 months post-manufacture. This practical experience, along with literature support and vitamin testing over time, gives us confidence that these diets continue to support animal health and study integrity out to at least nine months post-manufacture. Please refer to your institution for guidance if you are unsure of local policies.

Recommended storage conditions:

  • Cool and dry; at or below 70 degrees fahrenheit with humidity ideally below 50%, but up to 65% is acceptable
  • Clean and free of pests
  • In original packaging or in a container that prevents continuous exposure to light and minimal exposure to air

Weaning pigs should be allowed ad libitum access to diet. Adults should be fed at a rate of two percent to three percent of their body weight per day. Fresh, clean water should always be available.