merck millipore,默克密理博,AG325-30MG,FLUORO-JADE C

merck millipore,默克密理博,AG325-30MG,FLUORO-JADE C


Catalogue Number AG325-30MG
Replaces AG325
Trade Name
  • Fluoro-Jade
Description FLUORO-JADE® C
Overview N-terminal HA, 6His-tagged, recombinant human UbcH6 full length, expressed in E.coli
Background Information Fluoro-Jade C, like its predecessors, Fluoro-Jade and Fluoro-Jade B, were found to stain all degenerating neurons, regardless of specific insult or mechanism of cell death. Therefore, the patterns of neuronal degeneration seen following exposure to either the glutamate agonist, kainic acid, or the inhibitor of mitochondrial respiration, 3-NPA, were the same for all of the Fluoro-Jade dyes. However, there was a qualitative difference in the staining characteristics of the three fluorochromes. Specifically, Fluoro-Jade C exhibited the greatest signal to background ratio, as well as the highest resolution. This translates to a stain of maximal contrast and affinity for degenerating neurons. This makes it ideal for localizing not only degenerating nerve cell bodies, but also distal dendrites, axons and terminals. The dye is highly resistant to fading and is compatible with virtually all histological processing and staining protocols. Triple labeling can be accomplished by staining degenerating neurons with Fluoro-Jade C, cell nuclei with DAPI and activated astrocytes with GFAP immunofluorescence. Fluoro-Jade™ is a registered trademark of Histo-Chem, Inc.

Product Information
Presentation Solubility : Highly soluble in water and bases, moderately soluble in alcohol and weak acids

Application Notes Appearance: Coffee brown to brick red powder.

Biological Information
Purity Silica TLC (acetanitrile/water, 6/4) revealed the presence of two fluorescent spots, presumably corresponding to the di sulphate homologues. The presence of precursors or free fluorescein was not detected.
Molecular Weight 823

Physicochemical Information
Emission max.
  • 525 nm
Excitation max.
  • 485 nm
  • Toxicity: Although the compound appears to be of low toxicity, it has not been extensively evaluated and therefore routine laboratory caution should be exercised. Not intended for human consumption.

Storage and Shipping Information
Storage Conditions The powder should be stored well sealed at room temperature, preferable in a dessicator, due to its hygroscopic nature. The liquid stock solution (0.01%) in distilled water can be stored at 2-8°C for up to 3 months. The 0.0002-0.0001% working solution in 0.1% acetic acid should be used within 4 hrs of preparation.

Packaging Information
Material Size 30 mg