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Enzo Biochem


Enzo旗下共有Enzo,Biomol,Alexis Biochemicals,AssayDesigns,Stressgen等品牌,为生命科学研究者提供基因组分析,细胞生物学,翻译后修饰,信号转导,肿瘤和免疫学,药物筛选等相关领域的优质产品。

Enzo旗下共有Enzo,Biomol,Alexis Biochemicals,AssayDesigns,Stressgen等品牌,为生命科学研究者提供基因组分析,细胞生物学,翻译后修饰,信号转导,肿瘤和免疫学,药物筛选等相关领域的优质产品。Enzolife sciences 的标记技术和检测技术在科学研究和临床诊断这两个领域中处于地位。标记探针和染料的强强组合是基因表达分析,核酸检测,蛋白质生物化学研究与检测,分子生物学,细胞分析等研究领域中目标识别/验证和高容量分析实验的强有力工具。

Enzo Biochem是分子诊断的先驱,通过开发诊断平台技术,提供了优于以前标准的许多优势,从而临床实验室,生命科学和治疗学的融合。作为一家全球性公司,Enzo Biochem利用跨职能团队开发和部署产品系统和服务,以满足当今和未来医疗保健不断变化和快速增长的需求。支持Enzo Biochem的技术,平台和产品是一个广泛而深入的知识产权组合,覆盖了许多关键的支持技术。

Enzo Biochem is a leading life sciences and biotechnology company focused on harnessing genetic processes to develop research tools, diagnostics and therapeutics and provides reference laboratory services to the medical community. Founded in 1976, we have concentrated on the development of enabling technologies in the areas of gene regulation and gene modification. Many of our technologies are applicable to the biomedical and pharmaceutical research markets, and we are further using these technologies as a platform for our entry into the clinical diagnostics market. Today, Enzo technologies and products are recognized as the key tools in non-radioactive gene labeling used by researchers worldwide. Additionally, Enzo's work in gene analysis has led to development of a number of significant therapeutic candidates for the treatment of viral and immunological based disorders, several of which are in various phases of human clinical trials. In the course of our extensive research and development activities, we have built a significant patent position consisting of numerous pioneer patents and applications that encompass our core technologies.

The business activities of Enzo Biochem are performed by the company's three wholly owned subsidiaries . . . Enzo Life Sciences, Enzo Therapeutics and Enzo Clinical Labs. Such activities include research and development, manufacturing and marketing of biomedical research products and tools through Enzo Life Sciences and research and development of therapeutic products through Enzo Therapeutics and the operation of a regional clinical reference laboratory through Enzo Clinical Labs.

Enzo's vision of the importance of recombinant DNA technology as an informational source more than two decades ago has now become a major direction in modern medicine.


Enzo Biochem  BioArray(tm) HighYield(tm) RNA Transcript Labeling Kit (T7) 10 reactions 
Enzo Biochem  BioArray(tm) Eukaryotic Hybridization Controls 150 reactions 
Enzo Biochem  BioArray(tm) Deoxyoligo B2 150 reactions 
Enzo Biochem  Single Round Amplification and Labeling Systems  NA 
Enzo Biochem  Array CGH Labeling Kits 1 KT 
Enzo Biochem  Cyanine 5-NHS Ester Pack NA 
Enzo Biochem  Direct Labeling of cDNA NA 
Enzo Biochem  Cyanine-5-dUTP 25mmol
Enzo Biochem  Cyanine-5-UTP NA 
Enzo Biochem  Modified Nucleotides NA 
Enzo Biochem  Indirect Labeling Reactive Dye Packs NA 
Enzo Biochem  Ribonucleotides NA 
Enzo Biochem  Bio-17-ATP 250mmol'
Enzo Biochem  Fluorescein-12-UTP 250mmol'
Enzo Biochem  Bio-11-dCTP 50mmol